GEOG 882
Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence

7.4 National Incident Management System


Click on the following link to access the FEMA EMI IS-700.a online training. Complete the training and take the online examination. FEMA will provide a certificate that you are to provide to the instructor as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.

Deliverable #2 (Required assignment - 35 points)

Make sure you save the NIMS certificate as a .pdf file after completing the online certification. To submit your certificate for your grade, return to Canvas and click on the Lesson 07 - GRADED (IS-700.a NIMS Certificate) link. The Assignment will have directions for submitting your certificate.

Please note: Depending on the amount of web traffic, there can be a one to two day delay between the time you complete your NIMS Certificate and when FEMA emails you the PDF of your certificate. You should consider completing the online training well before the deliverable date.