GEOG 882
Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence

7.5 Geospatial Concept of Operations


Geospatial technology is used throughout the mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. The Homeland Security Geospatial Concept of Operations (GeoCONOPS) is a strategic roadmap to understand and improve the coordination of geospatial activities across the entire spectrum of the nation - from federal, state, and local governments, to private sector and community organizations, academia, the research and development industry, and citizens - in support of homeland security and homeland defense. The GeoCONOPS includes:

    Community Tools (Resources and Capabilities)
    -Current resources and capabilities such as personnel, assets and analytical models
    Best Practices
    -Requirements and activities for disaster response mission areas
    Federal Operation Centers
    -A detailed scenario of response activities for a catastrophic natural event
    Authoritative Data
    -Requirements and activities for mitigation and preparedness areas

Benefits of the GeoCONOPS include:

  •     Defines the geospatial mission blueprint of the resources and capabilities available for support in the homeland security enterprise
  •     Identifies points of coordination and collaboration
  •     Documents authoritative geospatial data sources
  •     Describes best practices
  •     Identifies technical capabilities

Additional information about the GeoCONOPS can be found at Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) Geospatial Concept of Operations (GeoCONOPS)

The following three courses from FEMA's Emergency Management Institute explain the importance and relevance of the GeoCONOPS:

IS-60: Introduction and Overview - Homeland Security Geospatial Concept-of-Operations (GeoCONOPS)

IS-61: GeoCONOPS In-Depth - Homeland Security Geospatial Concept-of-Operations (GeoCONOPS)

IS-62: GeoCONOPS In-Practice - Homeland Security Geospatial Concept-of-Operations (GeoCONOPS)

Click on the above links to access the three courses. Complete the training and take the online examinations. FEMA will provide certificates that you are to provide to the instructor as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.

Deliverable #3 (Required assignment - 35 points each)

Make sure you save the GeoCONOPS certificates in .pdf format after completing the online certifications. To submit your certificates for your grades, return to Canvas and click on the Lesson 07 - GRADED (IS-60 Certificate),  Lesson 07 - GRADED (IS-61 Certificate), and Lesson 07 - GRADED (IS-62 Certificate) links. The Assignments will have directions for submitting your certificate.

Please note: Depending on the amount of web traffic, there can be a one to two day delay between the time you complete your GeoCONOPS Certificate and when FEMA emails you the PDF of your certificate. You should consider completing the online training well before the deliverable date.