GEOG 882
Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence

1.8 Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson we looked at Kant's three ways of ordering knowledge, discussed definitions of geography and geospatial intelligence, discussed the scope of the subject, and examined why geography as a subject and a discipline is fundamental to the idea of geospatial intelligence, and you read "Why Geography Matters." We also noted that different people and different agencies have different understandings of the definition and scope of the field. The lesson also included a brief discussion of how this course grew from a predominantly national security based course to include disaster preparedness, and international humanitarian aid.

Final Task

Before you move on to Lesson 02, double-check the Lesson 01 Checklist to make sure you have completed all of the required activities for this lesson.

Looking Ahead

In our next lesson, we will study critical frameworks at length. Later on in this course we will look at three GEOINT applications: national security, disaster preparedness, and international humanitarian aid.