GEOG 882
Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence

2.8 Imperialist Geopolitics


As you read Toal's Introduction to Part One that discusses "Imperialist Geopolitics" do some critical thinking and ask yourself:

  • Why would geopolitics have been of such interest to imperialist thinkers and statesmen in the 18th - 20th Centuries?
  • Can you see links between the writings of academic geopolitical thinkers and the ultimate policies pursued by states in this era?
  • The author identifies the United States as an imperialist power of the era. Do you agree with that characterization? Would US statesmen and scholars have seen themselves as imperialists? Why do the authors lump the US with the European imperial powers? How do the viewpoints of the American writers cited compare to those of the Europeans?

Required Reading

Read Toal's Introduction to Part One that discusses "Imperialist Geopolitics" in The Geopolitics Reader 2nd edition. (Pages 17-33)

Mini Quiz 2.3

After reading Toal's Introduction to Part One that discusses "Imperialist Geopolitics," you will need to take the "Imperialist Geopolitics" mini quiz before proceeding. Return to Lesson 02 in Canvas and click on the 2.3 "Imperialist Geopolitics" Mini Quiz link.


  • The mini quiz will not count toward your grade.
  • You must correctly answer all five questions on the mini quiz to gain access to the mini quiz for page 9 of this lesson.
  • You may take the mini quiz as many times as you would like.