GEOG 883
Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications



Lab Activity (40 points)

  • Refer to the Lesson 1 Lab Instructions in Canvas.
  • If you have problems with the software (unexpected behavior, crashes, etc.) contact your instructor immediately. He/she will assist you and will refer you to the vendor's technical support, if appropriate. Do not spend valuable study time struggling alone with these issues.
  • Submit your work using the Lesson 1 Lab Deliverable link in Canvas. You may submit this Canvas deliverable only once.

Discussion Activity (5 points)

Find an example of a remote sensing workflow online and post the link to the Lesson 1 Graded Discussion forum for this lesson. Examples include a land cover classification project carried out by a commercial entity or academic research investigating a new sensor to estimate biomass. Include in the post a brief analysis of the remote sensing workflow employed and if the framework we discussed in class applies or not. Comment on at least one of your fellow students' posts with your own analysis.