GEOG 883
Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications

Framework for Remote Sensing Workflows


This section provides a general framework for remote sensing workflows.  It is important to note that remote sensing workflows differ from project to project. Not all the components listed below apply to every situation, but they should all be considered in the early stages of project planning.

  1. Project scoping
  2. Define the intent and desired outcomes.
  3. List the desired end products, including the format, coordinate system, etc.
  4. Confirm the study area.
  5. Identify the financial, hardware, software, and human resources available.
  6. Generate a list of key contact personnel.
  7. Research and obtain data.
  8. List the desired datasets.
  9. Find out what data are available.
  10. Obtain data.
  11. Data preprocessing and exploration
  12. Data indexing
  13. Data conversion
  14. Mosaicking
  15. Geometric correction
  16. Radiometric correction
  17. Spatial enhancement
  18. Spectral enhancement
  19. Workspace setup
  20. Analysis
  21. Data fusion
  22. Extract features.
  23. Generate geospatial products.
  24. Generate tabular output.
  25. Evaluation and accuracy assessment
  26. Qualitative evaluation
  27. Quantitative accuracy assessment
  28. Documentation and reporting
  29. Metadata
  30. Final report