GEOG 883
Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications

GEOG 883 Orientation



This orientation serves as your guide to the structure of your online course and our online learning environment. This orientation is common to all of the courses in the Remote Sensing curriculum portion of the Penn State Online Geospatial Education Certificate and Degree programs. Read the course Syllabus (linked from the Syllabus tab) for specifics related to your instructor and course content.


At the successful completion of the Course Orientation, you should be able to:

  • navigate the course;
  • express your expectations about how and what you will learn in your online course;
  • articulate how and what instructors expect you to learn in your online course;
  • locate key information about the course, including assignments, due dates, technical information, and where to go for help;
  • locate detailed information about course policies, including academic integrity and accommodations for disabilities;
  • communicate effectively with instructors and fellow students using a variety of online tools.


If you have any questions now or at any point during this week, please feel free to post them to the Discussion Forum in Canvas.