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Learn about Advanced Analytic Methods for the GEOINT Professional

What You'll Learn in GEOG 885

You’ll learn to apply structured analytical techniques to geospatial problems, collaborate as part of an analytical team, and integrate spatial analysis into real-world GEOINT analytical workflows.

Technologies You'll Use

Students who take Advanced Analytic Methods for the GEOINT Professional will use:

  • Apply Structured Analytical Techniques (SAT) to geospatial problems
  • Conduct Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)
  • Collaborate as part of an analytical team
  • Utilize mapping software to perform geospatial analysis

View the Syllabus

What’s the best way to determine if this class is for you? Check out the syllabus! This page shows all materials, how you’ll be graded, and lists assignments and a timeline for the class.

Degree & Certificate Programs

This class is part of Penn State's award winning Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs, which includes the Master of GIS degree and certificates in GIS, GEOINT, and Remote Sensing. All of these programs are taught online and designed around the needs of working professionals.

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What Our Students Say

"GEOG 885 is the most professionally relevant course I have taken with Penn State. The material and assignments facilitate development of critical thinking skills and prepare students to utilize advanced analytic methods."

- Roberta Becker, graduate student, Homeland Security (GEOINT)

Meet the Faculty

Steve Handwerk
Dennis Bellafiore

Online Geospatial Education Programs

This course is part of Penn State’s Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs. For more information on our award-winning courses, certificates, and degree options, click below.