GEOG 885
Advanced Analytic Methods for the GEOINT Professional




In this lesson, you accomplished two goals of:

  • focusing on the misconception that the analytic process is complete with the output at the end of technical workflow.
  • introducing the scenario that is woven throughout the first few lessons.

Before you move on to Lesson 2, double-check the Lesson 1 Checklist to make sure you have completed all of the required activities for this lesson.

Looking ahead

In our next lesson, we will examine organizational decision making. Decision making involves making a choice to alter some existing condition. It is choosing one course of action in preference to others. When the decision is being made by management on behalf of the organization, it is expending organizational or individual resources to implement the organizational decision making. A decision is not a single, self-contained event; it is a complex process that extends over some period of time.