GEOG 885
Advanced Analytic Methods for the GEOINT Professional

Team Project: Analytic Question and Imaginative Thinking Techniques Exercise


To help develop the project, your team will use one of the Imaginative Thinking Techniques found in A Tradecraft Primer: Structured Analytic Techniques for Improving Intelligence Analysis.

We often overlook the obvious, formulate faulty conclusions, and fail to consider alternative possibilities, not because we lack the ability to think rationally, but because we fail to take charge of how we approach problems. We must not only think, we must think about how we think. This interactive online course defines what critical thinking is and how to do it.

Your team will use one of the following techniques to examine your analytic question:

  • Brainstorming; an unconstrained group process designed to generate new ideas and concepts.
  • Outside-in Thinking; used to identify the full range of basic forces, factors, and trends that would indirectly shape an issue.
  • Red Team Analysis; models the behavior of an individual or group by trying to replicate how an adversary would think about an issue.
  • Alternative Futures Analysis; systematically explores multiple ways a situation can develop when there is high complexity and uncertainty.

Complete the Imaginative Thinking Techniques Exercise. Post a summary of how you used one of the techniques and the results to your team's Canvas folder.