GEOG 885
Advanced Analytic Methods for the GEOINT Professional




Most geospatial analysts go about their business by picking out what they suspect intuitively is the most likely answer, then looking at the available information from the point of view of whether or not it supports this answer. If the evidence seems to support the favorite hypothesis, the analyst looks no further. If it does not, the analyst either rejects the evidence as misleading or develops another hypothesis and goes through the same procedure again. Decision analysts call this a satisficing strategy. Satisficing is picking the first solution that seems satisfactory, rather than going through all the possibilities to identify the very best solution. There may be several seemingly satisfactory solutions, but there is only one best solution. SGAM uses Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) which requires an analyst to explicitly identify all the reasonable alternatives and have them compete against each other for the analyst's favor, rather than evaluating their plausibility one at a time.

Looking ahead

In Lesson 8, we will continue work on the Capstone project.