GEOG 892
Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Application for the Certificate of Authorization (COA) or Part 107 Waiver


In this section, you are expected to develop and submit the required materials for the COA or Part of 107 waiver application for the platform you selected in the activities of Lesson 1. It is helpful to review previously submitted COA or Part 107 waiver applications available on the FAA website before populating your own documentation so you can become familiar with the format, required materials, and depth of information. The following is a brief list about the materials you may need in order to complete the COA or Part 107 waiver application for your platform:

  1. Aircraft system
  2. Communications
  3. Ground Control station
  4. Emergency procedures
  5. Flight operations area
  6. Launch and recovery
  7. Lost communications
  8. Lost link mission
  9. Operator and visual observers

Make sure to incorporate risk mitigation strategies and address the integration of automation and autonomy in your system in the various sections as appropriate. More details on the information required for a COA or Part 107 waiver application can be found in the template provided. The link to the FAA site provided above also provides plenty of examples on COA and Part 107 waiver applications.

To Read

  1. Visit the Federal Aviation Administration website to review several COAs issued by the FAA. Look for the page "Resources" under which you will find the page “Freedom of Information Act Responses FOIA". Make sure that you review several applications from various organizations and note differences in their platforms and procedures.

To Do

  1. Review the information provided in this COA information template document before completing your COA application.
  2. Review the samples of issued COAs that are provided to you in the module entitled "Example_COAs_from_FAA".
  3. Visit the FAA website and stand on current issued Part 107 waivers.