GEOG 497
3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

Instructor Information - Pejman Sajjadi


Instructor Information

Pejman Sajjadi

Dr. Sajjadi is a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the ChoroPhronesis lab of the geography department. His primary research interests are digital game-based learning (serious games, educational/edutainment games, and simulations), immersive technologies (virtual/augmented reality), adaptive learning systems (learner-centered design, personalization, and adaptation), embodied conversational agents, and human-computer interaction. He obtained his PhD from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2017) for research on adapting the mechanics of games based on the intelligence profile of their target audiences. During this period he was also a teaching assistant for several master-level courses including web engineering, user interface design, and information systems.

He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the Bielefeld University (2017-2019) where he was the main investigator of the MASCOT project, focused on crafting realistic embodied virtual coaches for social behavior competency training of professionals in virtual reality.