Geology of the National Parks

GeoMations and GeoClips


This week's GeoMations feature geologic time in all of its glory; first, you'll accompany Dr. Alley on his "climb" up out of the Grand Canyon and past 1.2 billion year's worth of geologic evidence. After reaching the top, you'll stop at the rim to hear a bit about the widening and narrowing of the Canyon. Then, it's back to Happy Valley, where you and Dr. Alley will hit the gridiron and witness geologic time as it marches down the field for a dramatic goal-line ending!

Next, this week's GeoClip will take you "live" to the Grand Canyon Rim, where you will join Dr. Alley in a firsthand look at "deep time." (If that clip leaves you wanting more, "part 2" is also available as an optional enrichment this week!) So, enjoy your visit to the Grand Canyon and your walk up through time. We hope you find Dr. Alley's play-by-play commentary and his incisive post-game analysis helpful in explaining what the Earth has been doing these past 4.6 billion years.


Climbing the Canyon

Widening and Narrowing

100 Yards of Geologic Time


The vast and varied history of the planet is best experienced by hiking the Canyon, but you can see a lot of the story from the rim. Here, you'll get a very brief overview of a very long story. ( Click the link to view movies - All are in QuickTime format )

#1: Supergroup Part 1: Grand Canyon Rim

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Optional Enrichment (no, these won't be on the quiz!):

Supergroup Part 2: Grand Canyon Rim(Transcript)

Deep Time film clips - What do beauty, saving money at Las Vegas, religion, oil exploration, emerging new diseases, and the planet’s recovery from global warming have in common? All in some way involve deep time, the immense age of the Earth. Eric Spielvogel filmed a discussion of these and other issues with Dr. Alley, for a special “time” issue of Research! Penn State. These "Deep Time film clips" will give you something to think about, and may even help with the course. Enjoy!