Geology of the National Parks

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More on Tearing Down Mountains: Groundwater and Rivers

Black and White Photo of the Delta Queen on the Tennessee River, 1945
Delta Queen, Tennessee River, 1945
Credit: National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) Tennessee River Basin Study, USGS
(with apologies to John Fogerty & Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Left a big cliff in a landslide, Loosened by a rain and an earthquake, too
And I never lost one minute of sleepin', Worryin' 'bout that trench 'neath the ocean blue.

River keep on movin', Bed load keep on groovin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' with the river.

Shot through a braid in the mountains, Wrapped around a big old meander bend
But I cannot see the good side of the river, A reservoir trapped me away from my friend.

River can't keep groovin', When dams stop the bedload movin'
Holdin', holdin', holdin' from the river.

If you go down to the river, Bet you're gonna see some houses too near
They might want to worry, storms are in a hurry, When the levees fail, there is something to fear.

River will get movin', Wildness will be provin'

Rollin', rollin', ever-rollin' river.

What to do for Unit 6?

You will have one week to complete Unit 6. See the course calendar tab in Canvas for specific due dates.

As you work your way through the online materials for Unit 6, you will encounter a video lecture, several vTrips, some animated diagrams (called GeoMations and GeoClips), additional reading assignments, a practice quiz, a "RockOn" quiz, and a "StudentsSpeak" Survey. The chart below provides an overview of the requirements for this unit. 

Overview of Unit 6 Requirements
Review the Unit 6 Overview Page 1 No, the overview outlines the main topics and ideas that you will encounter in Unit 6. You will, however, be tested on the material found in the overview.
Read/view all of the Instructional Materials for Unit 6 including: Page 2 - 7 No, but you will be tested on all of the material found in the Unit 6 Instructional Materials.
Take the Unit 6 "RockOn" quiz Canvas Yes, this is the sixth of 12 end of unit RockOn quizzes and is worth 4.5% of your total grade.
Continue working on Exercise #3: Canvas Yes, this is the third of 6 Exercises and is worth 5% of your total grade.
Complete the "StudentsSpeak #7" survey Canvas Yes, this is the seventh of 12 weekly surveys and is worth 1% of your total grade.
Read the Optional Enrichment Article Page 8 No
Review the Unit 6 Wrap Up including the Supplemental Materials Page 9 No, but you may find them helpful in preparing for the quiz.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email "All Teachers" and "All Teaching Assistants" through Canvas.

Keep Reading!

On the following pages, you will find all of the information you need to successfully complete Unit 6, including the online textbook, a video lecture, several vTrips and animations, and two overview presentations.

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