Geology of the National Parks

Welcome and Orientation Overview


Welcome and Orientation Overview

Before we begin our semester of study together, it is important that you review all of the material in the Course Orientation as it will prepare you to be successful in this course.

Have you looked at our syllabus?

This course orientation will complement, and expand on, the information provided in our syllabus. Be sure to review that document, too...carefully!

Watch a brief video introduction from Dr. Alley!

GEOSC 10 Introduction with Dr. Richard Alley
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Welcome to Geosciences 10. I'm Richard Alley, and I'll be your tour guide to the geology of the national parks. In the course of the semester, we're going to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. We're going to ask some big questions. Why are there mountains and volcanoes and earthquakes? Um, why are the mountains torn down by rivers, by glaciers? Um, what's the history of this planet, how do we live on the planet, how do we stay happy and healthy and terrific with the planet? And while we're doing it, we are going to visit some of the most beautiful and wonderful places on the planet. By the end of the semester, we're all going to know a lot more about the national parks, and you are going to be so excited that next summer you're going to be off to visit one because they're such wonderful places. Have a great semester. I'm going to jump on my bicycle and head into school and get to it.

What will we learn about in the Course Orientation?

  • The structure of GEOSC 10
  • What assignments are required in this course
  • An overview of Canvas, Penn State's course management system
  • Technical requirements for GEOSC 10
  • How to succeed in this course
  • Where to get course assistance if you need it

What is due for the Course Orientation?

  • Read and understand the Syllabus
  • Read the course orientation
  • Set your communication preferences in Canvas
  • Introduce yourself
  • Complete the StudentsSpeak #1


If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to me, the course instructor, AND the TAs. Failure to email all of us will result in a delayed response.

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Read all of the pages in the Course Orientation and the Syllabus before moving on.