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Thank you for visiting our self-assessment quiz. There are no formal prerequisites for GEOG 481: Topographic Mapping with Lidar. However, in order to teach this important subject with some rigor, we must assume that students have had some prior exposure to geospatial sciences and geographic information systems. This is your opportunity to test yourself.

There are 20 questions in this self-assessment. When you click on Take This Quiz, you will be presented with one multiple choice question at a time. After you submit the answer, you will be presented the correct answer. Click the 'Next question' button to advance. Your quiz results are completely anonymous, and no minimum score is required to register for GEOG 481. However, this quiz should give you a sense of your ability to succeed in the course at the pace it is offered. You can take the self-assessment quiz as many times as you want, so if you make a mistake or get interrupted, you can easily start over.

If you can score 80% or above without looking up the answers in external references, you should be well prepared for the learning experience we've designed. If you score 60% - 80%, you might want to speak with one of the instructors personally to determine your readiness for the course; their contact information is provided on the course website. If you score less than 60%, you may want to consider preparing yourself with the Penn State Certificate of GIS program which teaches these fundamental concepts (and more!) with a series of four 10-week classes.

We have seen some technical issues with the quiz. Some users have taken the quiz then it starts them at a question other than the first. If this happens and you'd like to start at the beginning, clear your browser cache and try again. You should see question 1.

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