Materials In Today's World

Reading Assignment


Things to consider...

When you're reading the text for this lesson, use the following questions to guide your learning. Remember to keep the learning objectives listed on the overview page for this lesson in mind as you learn from this text.

  • What are the four main classifications of composite materials?
  • What are the common fiber reinforcements used in polymer-matrix composites, and their desirable characteristics and limitations?
  • What are metal-, ceramic-, and polymer-matrix composites?
  • What are the desirable features of metal-, ceramic-, and polymer-matrix composites, in terms of use, cost and ease of fabrication?
  • What is the primary reason for the creation of ceramic-matrix composites?
  • What are laminates and sandwich panels, and what are their typical uses?

Reading Assignment

Read pp 246-282 (Ch. 13) in Introduction to Materials ebook