Offer Letters

Fri, 07/06/2018 - 13:41 -- tqs5
If offer is for development and delivery, please note which semester for each
Please use the official course title - no abbreviations or short hand
(You can put "on file" if this individual has taught for us before)
If offered at more than one campus location (i.e., World Campus, University Park, and/or Digital Learning Cooperative), please note cap for each
If there is no minimum enrollment required, put "0"
202-69 GIS202-11 ESP202-38 RESS202-68 M.Ed.202-71 WxF202-72 GUP203-11 GEOG UG203-43 Earth Sustain.203-61 Weather & ClimateOther (note below)
Budget to be Charged *
NOTE: Standard rate for independent contractors is $7,500 for a 3 credit course; Standard rate for a salaried Penn State faculty member is 11% of base salary.
WC = World Campus, DLC = Digital Learning Cooperative, UP = University Park
For course development offers, please include as much detail as possible regarding the scope of work and delivery deadlines.


Tue, 10/03/2017 - 14:04 -- tqs5
$ per hour
The hourly rate cannot exceed $35/per/hr and must be a dollar amount.
Hours cannot exceed 40/per week.
Must have successfully completed background check.

New iMPS-RESS Courses Now On The Books

All 22 new courses for the RESS program have been approved by the graduate school and are now listed on the University's Graduate Bulletin.  This includes graduate courses in bioenergy, solar energy, sustainability management and policy, and wind energy.  Five of the courses are planned to be offered for the first time this fall, with additional courses rolling out in future semesters.



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