"Maps" MOOC finishes strong!

Anthony Robinson's Coursera-delivered MOOC, "Maps and the Geospatial Revolution," ended on August 26, 2013 and was, by all accounts, a huge success! Specific data on participation, completion rates, "click throughs" to our World Campus program websites, etc. will be forthcoming. For now, I am thrilled to share the feedback that has been voluntarily entered by participants on "CourseTalk," an independent website where individuals can share their personal reviews of MOOCs they've taken. You will see that Anthony successfully reached Rock Star status! I am particularly proud of Anthony's work, not only as a testament to his incredible online teaching skills, but also for the course design model that he used, which broke out of the "talking head video" model that so many MOOCs have relied on thus far. Breaking that "mold" was part of our College's MOOC experiment. Like Anna Divinsky before him (Penn State's art MOOC star), I think Anthony has clearly demonstrated to thousands of individuals what high quality online teaching and learning looks like!


-Annie Taylor, Director