The College of EMS’ e-education community includes faculty members affiliated with the College’s five academic departments (Energy, Geography, Geosciences, Materials Science and Engineering, and Meteorology), as well as instructional design and development specialists, information technology personnel, support staff, and administrators.

The Institute's professional personnel consists of approximately 100 full-and part-time personnel, including a director, assistant director, administrative support staff, a comprehensive learning design team, and lead program faculty, as well as a large number of faculty course authors and instructors who represent the College’s academic departments.

Snapshots of Dutton personnel

Snapshots from Jan Moyer's retirement celebration, July 2016

Dutton Institute Personnel

The e-education community includes the Penn State faculty and staff members listed below. Links lead to personal pages, some of which are external to this site.

For simplicity’s sake, this page lists only those who hold official appointments through the Institute and program lead faculty.

Front Office Personnel

Learning Design Team

  • Stevie Rocco, Lecturer and Assistant Director for Learning Design
  • Jennifer Babb, Assistant Learning Designer
  • Emily Baxter, Lecturer, Learning Designer
  • Beth Bailey, Lecturer, Learning Designer
  • Tim Bracken, Programmer/Analyst
  • Matt Croyle, Programmer/Analyst
  • Kim Crossman, Assistant Learning Designer
  • Maggie Frederick, Assistant Learning Designer
  • Marty Gutowski, Programmer/Analyst, Web Systems Administrator
  • Megan Kohler, Lecturer, Learning Designer
  • April Millet, Lecturer, Learning Designer
  • Carl Schaad, Multimedia Specialist
  • Maria Scalzi Wherley, Editor, Assistant Learning Designer
  • Heidi Sporre, Web Production Assistant
  • Jane Sutterlin, Learning Designer
  • Mark Wherley, Learning Designer

Lead Program Faculty

  • David Babb, Assistant Professor/Research Associate; Lead Faculty, Certificate Program in Weather Forecasting
  • Todd Bacastow, Professor of Practice; Lead Faculty, Certificate Program in Geospatial Intelligence
  • Jeffrey Brownson, Associate Professor; Option Leader for the iMPS-RESS Solar Energy Option
  • Vera Cole, Senior Lecturer; Lead Faculty, B.A. in Energy Sustainability and Policy program; Instructor, EGEE 401, EME 444, and EME 466
  • Andy Kleit, Professor; Lead Faculty, Energy Business and Finance Minor
  • Eliza Richardson, Associate Professor; Lead Faculty, M.Ed. in Earth Sciences program
  • Anthony Robinson, Assistant Professor; Lead Faculty, Online Geospatial Education (Certificate & Master of GIS) programs
  • Erich Schienke, Lecturer; Option Leader for the iMPS-RESS Sustainability Management and Policy Option; Lecturer, BIOET 533 and EME 805

Program Faculty

  • Qassim Abdullah, Instructor, GEOG 892
  • Sim Aberson, Instructor, METEO 241
  • Neyda Abreu, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences (Penn State Dubois); Instructor, EME 504
  • Ryan Baxter, Senior Researcher; Instructor, GEOG 482, GEOG 487, GEOG 865
  • Dennis Bellafiore, Senior Lecturer; Instructor, GEOG 597I
  • Soumaya Belmecheri, Instructor, METEO 469
  • Joe Bishop, Research Associate; Instructor, GEOG 587
  • Justine Blanford, Research Associate; Instructor, GEOG 586
  • Seth Blumsack, Associate Professor of Energy Policy; Instructor, EME 801
  • Neil Brown, Lecturer, Parks and People
  • Bill Brune, Professor of Meterology; Author and Instructor, METEO 300
  • Michela Burla, Instructor, GEOG 483
  • George Chaplin, Research Associate; Instructor, GEOG 488, GEOG 583, and GEOG 864
  • Caroline Clifford, Author and Instructor, EGEE 439
  • Stephen Corfidi, Instructor, METEO 361
  • Mark Corson, Visiting Associate Professor (NW Missouri State); Instructor, GEOG 882
  • Pete Croswell, Instructor, GEOG 584
  • Jim Detwiler, Senior Lecturer; Author and Instructor, GEOG 863 and GEOG 897D
  • David DiBiase, Visiting Senior Lecturer (Esri); Author, GEOG 482; Instructor, "Responsible Scholarship and Professional Practice" workshop
  • William Doe, Visiting Associate Professor (Univeristy of Colorado - Boulder); Instructor, GEOG 571, GEOG 882
  • Bevin Etienne, Instructor, ENGR 312
  • Mark Fedkin, Research Associate; Instructor, EME 807 and EME 812
  • Adrienne Goldsberry, Senior Lecturer & Advisor for GIS Certificate Program; Instructor, GEOG 482 and GEOG 483
  • Amy Griffin, Instructor, GEOG 586
  • Adrienne Gruver, Instructor, GEOG 486
  • Peter Guth, Visiting Professor (US Naval Academy); Instructor, GEOG 884
  • Mike Hardwig, Instructor, EARTH 501
  • Stephen Handwerk, Senior Lecturer, Professional Geospatial Certification Counseling and Education; Instructor, GEOG 885
  • David Hunger, Instructor, EBF 200
  • Andy James, Author, BA 850
  • Karen Jensen, Instructor, EGEE 120
  • David Jimenez, Instructor, GEOG 885
  • Patrick Kennelly, Visiting Professor (Long Island University); Instructor, GEOG 584; MGIS degree program
  • Fritz Kessler, Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor; Instructor, GEOG 361, GEOG 486, GEOG 583, GEOG 586, GEOG 597G, and GEOG 587K
  • Don Kiel, Instructor, GEOG 497C
  • Beth King, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Program Manager for Online Geospatial Education, MGIS degree program; Instructor, GEOG 482, GEOG 483
  • Rachel Kornak, Instructor, GEOG 487
  • Jonathan Mathews, Assistant Professor; Instructor, EGEE 101
  • Doug Miller, Associate Professor; Instructor, GEOG 596
  • Oswaldo Morales, Instructor, EBF 200
  • Andrew Murdoch, Instructor, GEOG 489
  • James O'Brien, Instructor, GEOG 485
  • Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Instructor, GEOG 883
  • Chris Palma, Senior Lecturer; M.Ed. in Earth Sciences program
  • Todd Palmer, Senior Research Associate; Author and Instructor, MATSE 259
  • Sarma Pisupati, Associate Professor; Instructor, EGEE 102
  • Barry Posner, Instructor, E B F 200
  • Sterling Quinn, Author and Instructor, GEOG 485, GEOG 585, GEOG 863, GEOG 897C, and Certificate Program in GIS
  • Brandi Robinson, Lecturer; Adviser; Instructor, GEOG 432, GEOG 438W, EM SC 302, and EME 803
  • Melissa Rock, Instructor, GEOG 128
  • Haley J. Sankey, Lecturer; Adviser; Instructor, EM SC 302, EGEE 299 and EGEE 495
  • Ron Santini, Instructor, GEOG 469
  • Karen Schuckman, Senior Lecturer and Lead Faculty for Geospatial Intelligence Applications Certificate; Instructor, GEOG 480, GEOG 481, GEOG 883
  • Steve Seman, Lecturer; Instructor, METEO 361 and 410
  • Thomas Seng, Instructor, EBF 301
  • Jim Sloan, Senior Lecturer; Instructor, GEOG 482 and 484
  • Kevin Stofan, Instructor, GEOG 884
  • Gregory Thomas, Assistant Director, Geospatial Intelligence Programs; Instructor, GEOG 882 and GEOG 885
  • Michael Thomas, Instructor, GEOG 479, GEOG 882
  • George Van Otten, Senior Lecturer, GEOG 571, GEOG 597i
  • Jan Van Sickle, Senior Lecturer; Instructor, GEOG 862
  • Jan Wallgrun, Instructor, GEOG 485 and 585
  • Tim White, Senior Research Associate; Instructor, EARTH 530
  • Michelle Zeiders, Lecturer; Instructor, GEOG 483 and 484