Learning Design Services

Our Learning Design Team collaborates with EMS faculty to drive innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. Together, we create high quality online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses that enhance learning experiences for students. 

When you partner with the Dutton Institute's Learning Design Team, you are enlisting a team of experts to support your teaching, including learning designers, multimedia specialists, programmers, technical editors, and accessibility specialists. We bring a broad and deep knowledge of current learning science research and powerful teaching and learning strategies to bring your course and your teaching to new levels! 

There are many ways we can work together, including: 

  • Analyzing the learning environment and student learning needs—including learning preferences, demographics, and existing knowledge and skills—to inform course design 
  • Identifying instructional strategies and course designs that address student learning goals and maximize inclusion, engagement, and retention 
  • Creating rigorous and engaging student learning experiences that support social learning and include rich, interactive content 
  • Implementing course management strategies that promote student learning while ensuring a reasonable teaching workload 
  • Assessing the effectiveness of course design and delivery to support continuous improvement 
  • Extending the impact of scholarly research through education and outreach 

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Interested in collaborating? Contact Annie Taylor (atb3@psu.edu) or Stevie Rocco (stevier@psu.edu) so we can find out how we can help you! 

Members of the Learning Design Team