ESP student wins "Award for Undergraduate Research in Sustainability and the Environment" Award!

Mark Staub, a student in the energy and sustainability policy program in the College of EMS, received top honors in the Award for Undergraduate Research in Sustainability and the Environment! See the full story on the Penn State News site...


Mark's award-winning research was done for the Energy and Sustainability Policy program capstone course EME 466 Energy and Sustainability in Society. A requirement for all ESP graduating seniors, this course involves an independent (but highly structured) research project that "makes a case for, or against, a policy, action, plan or proposal currently in the public arena, of interest to the student and relevant to energy and sustainability policy."
The arc of the project includes a rigorous and in-depth examination of the issue, development of a well-articulated position on the issue, an in-person presentation to an audience engaged on the issue, and a recorded presentation that is made available on public media (YouTube) and the ESP Program Office website. 
"In nearly every case, students start out very nervous and end up very proud of themselves!," says Vera Cole, lead faculty for the Energy and Sustainability Program. "It's very gratifying to watch this process unfold and, I believe, gives our students exactly the mindset, experience and confidence they need as they exit the program and launch new careers."