Join our Yammer conversation!

We have created an online discussion group for our community and we would love to have you join us! "Yammer" is an enterprise social networking tool that is in use at Penn State. It functions like a cross between a discussion forum, Facebook, and Google Docs. The web-based discussion tool allows you to post, reply, attach files, collaborate on documents, etc. It is restricted to just the Penn State community and one can create a group for a specific topic - like ours!

We use our new "Dutton Community" Yammer group to share things like the articles related to online learning, tips and tricks, etc. It is also a great way to seek input from one another on anything related to online learning that has you puzzled! ;-) 

One of Yammer's best features is that you can participate in whatever manner works for you. It is a web site you can visit as desired, but you can also subscribe to our group by e-mail or text message if you prefer to receive new postings that way.

To join our new group:

1. Go to

2. Log in with your Penn State user ID and password

3. Click on the "Groups" link in the top menu bar within Yammer

4. Use the search tool to find "Dutton Community"

5. From the search results, hover over "Dutton Community" to see the "Join+" link - click on that!

That's it - once you have joined, you can enter the group space by clicking on it from your left-hand Yammer menu - on the right hand side of the web page you will see the subscription options.

Hope to see you in our community!