The College of EMS’ e-education community includes faculty members affiliated with the College’s five academic departments (Energy, Geography, Geosciences, Materials Science and Engineering, and Meteorology), as well as instructional design and development specialists, information technology personnel, support staff, and administrators.

The Institute's professional personnel consists of approximately 100 full-and part-time personnel, including a director, assistant director, administrative support staff, a comprehensive learning design team, and lead program faculty, as well as a large number of faculty course authors and instructors who represent the College’s academic departments.

Snapshots of Dutton personnel

Snapshots from Jan Moyer's retirement celebration, July 2016

Dutton Institute Personnel

The e-education community includes the Penn State faculty and staff members listed below. Links lead to personal pages, some of which are external to this site.

For simplicity’s sake, this page lists only those who hold official appointments through the Institute and program lead faculty.

Front Office Personnel

Graduate Assistant

Grading Assistants

  • Amy Avery
  • Belinda Damewood
  • Cassandra Schmick
  • Deborah Bennett
  • Eileen Kerhouant
  • Susan Anderson
  • Susan Wheeler

Learning Design Team

Lead Program Faculty

  • David Babb, Assistant Professor/Research Associate; Lead Faculty, Certificate Program in Weather Forecasting
  • Todd Bacastow,  Teaching Professor of Geography; Lead Faculty, Certificate Program in Geospatial Intelligence
  • Jeffrey Brownson, Associate Professor; Option Leader for the iMPS-RESS Solar Energy Option
  • Vera Cole, Associate Teaching Professor; Lead Faculty, B.A. in Energy Sustainability and Policy program; Instructor, EGEE 401, EME 444, and EME 466
  • Seth Blumsack, Associate Professor of Energy Policy; Lead Faculty, Energy Business and Finance Minor; Instructor, EME 801
  • Eliza Richardson, Associate Teaching Professor; Lead Faculty, M.Ed. in Earth Sciences program
  • Anthony Robinson, Assistant Professor; Lead Faculty, Online Geospatial Education (Certificate & Master of GIS) programs
  • Erich Schienke, Lecturer; Option Leader for the iMPS-RESS Sustainability Management and Policy Option; Lecturer, BIOET 533 and EME 805

Program Faculty