Research and Publications

Our Newest Contributions

  • Taylor, A. (2017). Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators that Attract and Retain Part-time Online Teaching Faculty at Penn State (published doctoral dissertation). The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania.

  • Smithwick, E., Baxter, E., Kim, K., Edel-Malizia, S., Rocco, S., & Blackstock, D. (2017). Interactive videos enhance learning about socio-ecological systems. Manuscript accepted for publication, Journal of Geography.

  • Kolanowski, A., Boltz, M., Galik, E., Gitlin, L., Kales, H., Resnick, B., Van Haitsma, K., Knehans, A., Sutterlin, J., Sefcik, J., Liu, W., Petrovsky, D., Massimo, L., Gilmore-Bykovskyi, A., MacAndrew, M., Brewster, G., Nalls, V., Jao, Y-L., Duffort, N., & Scerpella, D.  (2017). Determinants of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: A scoping review of the evidence. Manuscript in press: corrected proof, Nursing Outlook.

  • Bacastow, T., Bellafiore, S., Coster, S., Handwerk, S., Spuria, L., Thomas, G., & Millet, A. (2017). From layers to objects: Evolving the GEOINT analytic tradecraft. 2017 State and Future Report, The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. 

  • Bacastow, T., Handwerk, T, Bellafiore, D., Coster, S., Rosser, Tapee,  & Long, E. (2017). Bringing transparency to transparency. 2016 State of GEOINT Report, The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

  • Taylor, A. & Mandernach, J. (2016). Formative Evaluations for Online Education. In Grading Strategies for the Online College Classroom: A Collection of Articles for Faculty (pp. 104-106). Madison, WI: Magna Publications Incorporated.

  • Bacastow, T. & Long, E. (2016). Comparative geospatial intelligence professional communities. Manuscript accepted for publication, Conference Proceedings: International Association for Intelligence Education.

  • Henry, N., Lynn, V., Lysiak, L., & Sutterlin, J. E. (2016). A standardized self-paced nursing library course: Providing consistent instruction. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.

  • Luo, H., Millet, A., Alley, R., & Zuo, M. (2016, July 19-21). Dealing with ethical issues in MOOC design and delivery: A case study. Blended learning: Aligning theory with practices 9th international conference, ICBL 2016. (S.K.S. Cheung, L. Kwok, J. Shang, et. al., Eds.)  Bejing, China. Switzerland: Springer International. 128-138. 



The following links lead to recent research projects, publications, and presentations that members of the Dutton Community have produced related to online teaching and learning.

Research Publications

  • Millet, A., H. Luo and R.B. Alley. 2015. Dealing with Bias, Disruption, Fairness, and Copyright Issues in MOOC Design and Delivery: A Case Study. In J. H. Corbeil, M. E. Corbeil, & B. H. Khan (Ed.), The MOOC Case Book: Case Studies in MOOC Design, Development and Implementation. Ronkonkoma, NY: Linus Books. 

  • Haines-Stiles, G., R.B. Alley and E. Akuginow. 2014. Reaching out beyond the usual suspects and traditional media: Re-branding climate change as a problem with a feasible solution. In J.L. Drake et al. (eds.), New Trends in Earth-Science Outreach and Engagement, Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research 38, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-01821-8_2, Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014, p. 21-45.
  • Tobin, T., Mandernach, J., & Taylor, A. (2015). Evaluating Online Teaching: Adapting and Employing Best Practices. Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Alley, R.B. 2013. Watchable wildlife and demand-driven general education. Journal of General Education 62(1), 37-42.
  • Luo, H., Robinson, A. C., & Park, J. Y. (2015, April). Scaling Up Peer Assessment Online: Empirical Evidence from a Coursera MOOC. Paper accepted for presentation at 2015 Annual Conference of American Educational Research Association (AERA). Chicago, Illinois, April 16-20, 2015.
  • Park, J. Y., Kim, W. H., Luo, H., & Detwiler, J. (2015, April). Using Logistic Regression to Determine Factors Affecting the Completion of an Online GIS Master’s Program. Paper accepted for presentation at 2015 Annual Conference of American Educational Research Association (AERA). Chicago, Illinois, April 16-20, 2015.

Research Projects and Proposals

Baxter, E. (PI), & Palmer, T. (2017-present). RESEARCH PROJECT.  Investigating the efficacy of video-based instruction. 

Millet, A. (PI), Baxter, E., & Sutterlin, J. (2017-present). RESEARCH PROJECT. Constructivist online learning design study: Impacts on the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills and GIS competencies.

Bacastow, T. & Long, E. (2015-present). RESEARCH PROJECT. Accelerating the learning of the geospatial intelligence analyst. Cooperative Research and Development Agreement HM1583-CR-FY16-001, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Millet, A. (PI), Gowan, E., Yan, S., et. al. (2017). RESEARCH PROJECT. The impact of library badges on critical thinking in online education.

Baxter, E. (PI), & Palmer, T. (2016). RESEARCH PROJECT. MATSE 259 student canvas preferences. 

Smithwick, E., Baxter, E., Kim, K., Edel-Malizia, S., Rocco, S., & Blackstock, D. (2015). RESEARCH PROJECT.  Interactive videos in online learning.
Bacastow, T. & Long, E. (2011-15). RESEARCH PROJECT. Improving the teaching of geospatial analysis. Cooperative Research and Development Agreement HM1583-CR-FY10-007, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. 

Grant Proposals

Klippel, A., Duarte, J.P., Femina, P., Brown, N., Oprean, D., Millet, A., Bagher, M., and Oliver-Wallgrun, J. (2016, Spring). Immersive virtual reality (iVR): The printing press of the 21st century and how learning about place and space will never be the same. COIL Research Initiation Grant Program. Awarded.