GEOG 868
Spatial Database Management

Project 5: Esri Geodatabase Behaviors


Project 5: Esri Geodatabase Behaviors

A. Deliverables

This project is one week in length. Please refer to the Canvas Calendar for the due date.

The various Project deliverables were described along the way throughout the lesson. Below is a list summarizing what you need to submit.

  1. Attribute Domains - Upload your version of the AttributeDomainsProject.gdb geodatabase, and the screen capture showing the results of discovering the errors, both zipped into your last
  2. Subtypes - Upload your SubtypesProject.gdb geodatabase, zipped and named appropriately.
  3. Geodatabase Topology - (1) Upload your version of the geodatabasetopol.gdb geodatabase, and (2) your version of the TopologyProject.gdb, zipped and named appropriately. (I do not need your map document or any of the image files.)
  4. Complete the Lesson 5 quiz.