GEOG 868
Spatial Database Management

Project 7: Mapping Charlottesville


Project 7: Mapping Charlottesville

A. Project Overview

For Project 7, you are going to revisit the historical maps of Charlottesville, VA, that you may have worked with at the end of GEOG 484. In the data download for Lesson 7, you were given a folder containing 4 scanned maps of Charlottesville, circa 1920. You were also given a shapefile of buildings digitized from those scanned maps. Your task for this project is to:

  1. Create a new cville user who will serve as the owner/loader of the project data. 
  2. Create a new cville_editor role and assign editing privileges for the project data to that role.  Add one of the animated character users from the previous lesson to the new role.
  3. Create a feature dataset to hold the vector data.
  4. Import the buildings shapefile into the feature dataset.
  5. Create a mosaic dataset to manage the scanned maps as a single unit.
  6. Create a new streets feature class within the feature dataset.
  7. Use ArcGIS Pro's editing tools to digitize street centerlines into the streets feature class (working as the animated character in the cville_editor role).

    For this step, you will not be evaluated on the quality of your digitizing. The focus of this project is on the database management aspects, not the editing.

B. Deliverables

This project is one week in length. Please refer to the Canvas Calendar for the due date.

  1. Submit a write-up that includes a summary of the steps you undertook during this project. Include in your write-up a description of the fields defined in your streets feature class, a map of the buildings and streets captured from the scanned Sanborn maps and a screen capture showing the database items related to this project. Taking a screen capture of the Catalog pane connection made through a user in the cville_editor role is what I have in mind here. Your submission will be graded as follows:
    • Quality of workflow: 70 of 100 points
    • Quality of write-up, in terms of grammar, spelling, flow: 30 of 100 points
  2. Complete the Lesson 7 quiz.