Technical Requirements

Dutton Institute Course Technical Requirements
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Processor 1 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM) 1 Gb (2000/XP/MacOS); 2 Gb (Vista)
Hard Drive Space 500 MB free disk space

Mac OS X: Firefox
Windows: Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or 10
NOTE:  These are the only browsers that will consistently work with Dutton Institute courses.  Please double check to make sure you have the correct version.

Cookies, Java, and JavaScript must be enabled. Pop-up blockers should be configured to permit new windows from Penn State web sites. Due to nonstandard handling of CSS, JavaScript and caching, we do not support using Internet Explorer 6 as your browser. Firefox and Safari are preferred as they will provide the fastest experience possible for Dutton Institute courses.

Adobe Reader 
Flash Player

Additional Software Microsoft Office
Internet Connection Broadband (cable or DSL) connection required
Printer Access to graphics-capable printer
DVD-ROM Required
Sound Card, Microphone, and Speakers Required
Monitor Monitor (Capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution)
PLEASE NOTE: Some courses also use the following items to support same-time (synchronous) communication. Technical support for these products will be available only through the instructor, not the Outreach Help Desk. We can only fully support the WebCam and headset/microphone mentioned below, as those are the makes/models that our faculty use. If you have your own hardware and are comfortable using it, you may continue to do so.
WebCam A WebCam, such as the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 or Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro (approx. $80)
Headset/Microphone A USB headset/microphone, such as the Plantronics USB headset DSP 300 (approx. $55)
USB Computer must be USB-capable (USB 2 is recommended)