AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Lesson Activity


The Lesson Activities are a form of authentic assessment, as you will be required to complete some real-life tasks that solar professionals complete in their line of work. You'll need to consult a number of resources (provided to you or available online) to complete each activity. You will be put in situations where you have to make decisions and support your work with references and data. In addition, you will build your own calculation tools for solar applications as a part of the lesson activities. Successful completion of these activities will demonstrate that you have attained the higher level learning objectives of the course.

Each of the activities is designed to challenge you to demonstrate your knowledge of that lesson's topics. The activities have been structured this way to help you connect the class material to tangible real world solar issues and solutions.

Submission Instructions

Your Lesson Activities will be submitted as Assignments in Canvas. Please use the following naming convention: Last Name_First Name L# Activity.docx (for Word documents) or Last Name_First Name L# Activity.pdf (for PDFs).

  1. Go to the appropriate Lesson in Canvas.
  2. Select the Lesson # Activity link.
  3. Click the Submit Assignment button.
  4. To upload a file from your computer, click the Choose File button. When the file window appears, locate and click the name of the file. At the bottom of the window, click the Choose or Browse button (depending on your browser).
  5. Click the Submit Assignment button.

Grading Rubric

Use the rubric below to guide your work in the Lesson Activities and maximize your opportunity to earn full credit.

There are 5 lesson activities throughout this course. These activities are each worth 5%, for a total of 25% of your final grade. Each Lesson Activity will have a bonus question. You can earn an additional 10% (or .5 points) for each Lesson Activity.

Lesson Activity Grading Rubric
Criteria (Standards) Total Points Possible (5)

Answers all questions and addresses all issues as described in the Lesson Activity instructions. Engages with course concepts and provides adequate support for decisions made.


Expresses thoughts clearly. Lesson Activity is well-written, edited, and properly cited.