EME 597 (589)
Management and Design of RESS

EME 597 (589): Management and Design of RESS


Instructor and Author - Erich W. Schienke, PhD. Assistant Teaching Professor, John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering; co-lead of the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems Program (offering Online Masters and Graduate Certificates)

This is the culminating and immersive projected-based capstone course for completion of the RESS MPS degree! 

During your time in the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems Program, you have learned a variety of concepts and strategies for solving unique challenges relating to the energy economy. This capstone course offers you an opportunity to engage in a team-based project where you will collectively apply knowledge and skills you have acquired. Working collaboratively, you will conduct an analysis and establish a design document that will address major energy and related sustainability concerns for a “client organization.” 

The class project will consist of a semester-long effort of a team of final-year RESS students, carrying out the following phases of effort: project definition, working with stakeholders, preliminary design, technology selection towards a detailed design, and a presentation of the final report followed by evaluation. Deliverables from the project will include a full written report by the team and intended for the client, accompanying appendices of calculations and related documents as well as individual work, and an oral presentation overview of project findings.

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