EME 803
Applied Energy Policy

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Quick Facts about EME 803

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  • Course Author and Instructor
    Erich Schienke, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Overview - EME 803 is a required course in the Sustainability Management track of the Master of Professional Studies degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems and in the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Management. It can also be taken as an elective for students in other tracks of the program.
  • Learning Environment - This course is offered exclusively in Canas, Penn State's course management system. Canvas is used to support the delivery of this course and provides the primary communications, calendaring, and submission tools for the course.
  • Topics of Study - The content of this course is divided into 8 lessons. We will devote two weeks to each lesson.
Lesson topics
Lesson Title
1 Energy Policy
2 Primary Energy Resources
3 Technological Change
4 Energy and Society
5 Energy and the Environment
6 Energy-use and End-use Technologies
7 Energy Markets, Pricing, Investment, Financing, and Other Economic Issues
8 Closing Arguments and Reflections