EME 805
Renewable Energy and Non-Market Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks



As you have encountered in this lesson, nonmarket strategies can apply to a wide range of public and private interactions and be used by individuals up to large international institutions to shape market behaviors. Market behaviors are typically more responsive to direct pressure from buyers (private politics) than by being reshaped by public politics. This is helpful when the market offers multiple competitive options (like gasoline/petrol companies). Further, information campaigns can put significant public pressure via campaigns on companies and market behavior (targets) through presentation of arguments well grounded in quality research and analysis. Renewables companies, for example, will use a life cycle assessment and level costs to create a very convincing argument that their technology can save money in the long run, both to the buyers and to the environment. The push for renewables will need to continue to use these arguments and communicate these strategies (via campaigns) to work towards explicit targets.

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