EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

6.3. Assignment


Computer energy modeling is often used to compare the performance and cost of system alternatives. While many software tools are available for various energy modeling applications, few offer a flexible suite of components for multiple energy system types, such as buildings, solar thermal, photovoltaics, etc. One such tool that is System Advisor Model (SAM), which helps create performance and financial model for a variety of solar systems and projects. This assignment provides you with another opportunity to apply SAM modeling to a solar heating system. 

The Assignment

Use the the example from the Introduction section of D&B online textbook (pages xxi - xxvi) to create a SAM profile of the water heating system and run the simulation for your chosen location.

The goal is to generate an estimate for the annual utilization of a solar water heater. Extract performance information, expected energy gains, and expected costs savings for water heating (here consider only cost of energy, not equipment). The adjustable parameters you can use to optimize the system performance are: type of the collector, tilt of the collector, and size of the collector. 

More detailed instruction for this assignment in posted in Lesson 6 Module in Canvas.


Based on your model output, prepare a brief report to present your data and discuss the system performance. Submit your report as a single PDF file to the Lesson 6 Assignment  dropbox in Canvas by 11:55 pm Wednesday night. You can insert the SAM output diagrams to your report to facilitate your discussion, although make sure they are clearly readable.