EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

10.5. Assignment


A lot of solar technologies appear to be very similar at face value. However, the history of various technologies as well as knowledge of how each system works help reveal why certain technologies are selected over other solutions. Parabolic trough was mentioned as most widespread solar thermal power technology, and there should be reasons.

For this lesson assignment:

  1. Summarize in a table the main cons and pros of the four types of the solar power systems listed in this lesson - parabolic trough, central receiver, parabolic dish, and solar updraft tower (Take into account both technical and economic factors).
  2. Provide a discussion as to why certain technologies in this list out-pace others. What are the primary barriers preventing any of these technology options from becoming more widely accepted? Do you have any reason to think that one of the current technologies will become the sole winner in solar thermal power market?

Some supplemental reading resources that can be helpful in this assignment are provided in Module 10 in Canvas.

Deliverable - Lesson 10 Assignment

Submit your table and essay as a single PDF or MS Word file to the Lesson 10 Dropbox in Canvas by 11:55 PM on Wednesday.