EM SC 240N
Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Final Project Assignment and Grading


Your final project will be completed in multiple phases, spread out over the course of weeks, as follows. For ALL elements, 50% will be deducted from that element if it is longer than prescribed.

You can complete this individually, or in a group with one other person. 

Two things to note for group work:

  • If you work in a group, you will all receive the same grade, and will submit one submission per group for each of the assignments. The only difference between an individual and a group assignment is that you are allowed more words for certain portions of the assignment if you work in a group.
  • If you work in a group, I will check in periodically to make sure that everyone is contributing sufficiently. If you do not contribute a fair share of the assignment, you may lose up to 10% of your Final Project grade. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Assignment 1: Initial proposal (5% of Final Project grade, 0.5% of final grade)

I'm sure you will have a number of interesting ideas for movies, but for the initial proposal, you must submit one idea. This is a relatively short assignment - the proposal is only a few paragraphs. This gives you the opportunity to begin solidifying general movie details and gives me the opportunity to provide you with feedback in a short period of time. This feedback will hopefully help you determine which of the idea you will use for your final project.

Each initial proposal must have the following elements for full credit. This must be a Microsoft Word document.

  • Movie Title
  • 1 paragraph (100 words or less) summary of the story. Include the word count.
  • 1 paragraph (50 words or less) describe the sustainability theme and how you address/illustrate it in the movie. Include the word count.
  • 1 paragraph (50 words or less) summary how/why this is appropriate for a general audience and justification for why audiences will want to see it. Include the word count.

See the rubric for grading, and the Course Calendar for due date.

Assignment 2: Full Rough draft (20% of Final Project grade, 2% of overall grade)

For your full rough draft, you will complete a full rough draft of the Final Project. You must have all the elements of the final project for full credit. See the Final Project Description for full details, and look at the rubric to see how this will be graded.

For full credit. You will submit a draft containing all of the elements of the final project in rough form.

This assignment is a single-spaced Microsoft Word Document.  Review the grading rubric and the Course Calendar for due date.

Assignment 3: Discussion Board - Peer Review of Movie Proposals

You will provide substantive feedback on as many aspects of others' movie proposals as possible. What did you think worked or not, particularly interesting/insightful aspects, etc. This is to be constructive feedback, even if it focuses on aspects that did not resonate with you. You will be automatically assigned to review another student's draft. Use the prompts provided to give constructive feedback.

Assignment 4: Final project final submission (75% of Final Project grade, 7.5% of overall grade)

For your final project, you will use the feedback provided to you on your rough draft and finalize your project. For full credit, you must have all of the elements of the final project, as listed in the Final Project Description.

You must submit a single-spaced Microsoft Word Document. See the rubric for grading and the Course Calendar for due date.

Final Project Grading Breakdown
Requirement Percent of Final Project Grade
Initial Proposal 5%
Full Rough Draft of Final Project 20%
Final Project Submission 75%
Yellowdig Discussion  part of overall Yellowdig grade (which is 25% of total grade)