Food and the Future Environment

Module 4: Food and Water


Module 4: Food and Water


Water is an essential element in growing the food we eat. Also, the growing of our food has an effect on Earth's water resources as agricultural runoff contributes to pollution, and diversions for irrigation affect streamflow and deplete aquifers. In this module, we'll look at how water is a critical element in the production of food. We'll also explore some of the impacts that our food systems have on both the quality and quantity of our water resources.

Plants can't grow without water and in this module, we explore how plants use water and where that water comes from. Have you ever considered the fact that you eat a lot of water? All of the food you eat required water to grow, process, and transport. How much water did it take to make grow feed for the cattle that ultimately became the hamburger you had for lunch this week? Or to feed the chicken that laid the egg for your breakfast? Or to grow the coffee beans for your morning latte? Water is an essential component of our food system!