Environment and Society in a Changing World




In this module, we covered some of the key concepts and debates currently discussed in food and agriculture systems. We have reviewed how Industrial Agricultural has fed large portions of the human population while having other major impacts. We have considered some unique issues posed by the use of livestock animals. We have explored connections between food, agriculture, and nutrition, including proper human nutrition, famine, and the obesity 'epidemic.' We have examined some individual and collective action issues associated with food, agriculture, and sustainability.

You may have begun this course taking much of what you find on your grocery store shelves for granted. As a result of the readings and activities involved in this module, it is hoped that you are now able to understand what the issues are behind keeping these shelves stocked and how important these issues are today and for tomorrow. Finally, it is hoped that this will serve as a foundation from which, perhaps, you will be able to decide for yourself what role you may play in sustainable practices related to the food you eat.

You have finished Module 6. Double check the list of requirements on the first page of this module to make sure you have completed all of the activities listed there before beginning the next module.