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Planning GIS for Emergency Management

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Quick Facts about GEOG 588

  • Instructor: R. Matthew Beaty
  • Course Structure: Online, 10-12 hours a week for 10 weeks

Overview: GEOG 588 is an elective for Penn State's Master of GIS.This course introduces the potential of GIS to support all stages of emergency (crisis or disaster) management activities, the latest R&D advances that are helping to achieve this potential now, and some challenges for the future. The course focuses on requirements analysis and proposal writing targeted toward planning and implementing GIS solutions for government agencies and contractors. As a basis from which to pursue these objectives, Planning GIS for Emergency Management introduces the current and potential future roles of GIS in support of crisis (emergency) management activities at all geographic scales (local to international). These roles are considered at each of the four stages of crisis management (mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery). Then, selected focus topics (e.g., GIS for evacuation planning and support) are considered in detail.

This course will challenge you to exercise the analytical and writing skills needed to develop successful project reports and proposals. Assignments focus on helping students to improve their ability to write and critique proposals to agencies that provide funding to support state and local implementation and application of GIS for Emergency Management and/or to support industry development of new technologies (e.g., the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or State Departments of Emergency Management). A semester-long project involves writing in response to real or hypothetical solicitations for a project that targets GIS tool development, implementation, and/or training to support emergency management activities in local, regional, state, national, or international contexts. Writing skills are honed through instructor critiques and peer reviews.

Prerequisites - GEOG 583: Geospatial System Analysis and Design + GEOG 584: Geospatial Technology Project Management.

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