GEOG 596i/596k
Independent Study in Geospatial Intelligence

General Independent Study Agreement


Independent Study Agreement (General)

Before proceeding with your Independent Study Agreement, please read carefully the “Independent Study Policy and Procedures.”

Student Name:

Student Number:


Course: GEOG 596i, Independent Study in Geospatial Intelligence

1. Provide a brief description of the research topic, explaining what you are proposing to do and why.

2. Provide a detailed description of what you will be covering in your research and how the study will be done, with reference to any important discipline issues you plan to explore as part of the effort.

3. Briefly describe how you will present the outcome of your research, such as in paper form, oral presentation, etc.

4. Briefly describe what you and your faculty sponsor have agreed to be the criteria for grading your work.

5. Credit hours (1-3 hours):

6. Semester/term in which you are seeking credit:

7. List important dates (e.g., date of the first meeting with sponsor, subsequent meeting dates, final due date).


Faculty Sponsor:


Option Director: