GEOG 863
GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals

Getting Help


Sometimes questions arise as to whom to contact about a certain issue and where. Generally, the following is best.

Use Discussion Forums (in Canvas)

  • You may post any questions to the General Discussion Forums located in Canvas.
  • For discussing, collaborating, and asking questions on course lessons, projects, and general course issues.
  • You should expect your fellow students, and the instructor to respond there.
  • You can subscribe to discussion forums in Canvas so that you can track what new comments have been added.

Use Email (in Canvas)

  • First off, MAKE SURE YOU USE "Canvas" TO EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR! All email correspondence in the course should be conducted using the Canvas email tool.
  • Also, check the relevant discussion forum first to see if your question might have already been answered!
  • Emailing Instructor: questions regarding a graded quiz, graded project, project extension, or a specific issue unique to a student's situation.

Reporting Technical Problems

If you experience technology problems of any kind (course Web site, Canvas), please contact the World Campus Help Desk [].

It is in your own best interest to be as specific as you possibly can. Vague descriptions of a problem only delay assistance. Try to include information such as:

  • Indicate the specific course page, quiz question, etc. you were on, what you attempted to do when that failed, and the exact language of any error message displayed on your screen
  • The date and time when your problem occurred
  • Any other pertinent information (does the problem happen consistently and always in the same way, etc.)

A member of the World Campus Help Desk will be in contact with you to assist you.


All official administrative communications from the Penn State World Campus are sent to students' Penn State e-mail accounts. Be sure to check your Penn State account regularly, or forward your Penn State e-mail to your preferred email account, so you don't miss any important information.