GEOG 871
Geospatial Technology Project Management

Lesson 2 Introduction-Organizational System, Project Life Cycle, Processes, and Procurement


Lesson 2 Introduction-Organizational System, Project Lifecycle, Processes, Procurement

Lesson 2 Overview

In GEOG 871, we will look at projects from a systems approach, focusing on management that is holistic, analytical, and driven by the user's needs. In project management, systems and their management include technological and user issues, and also business and organizational issues. A system view focused on the end users' needs is vital to effective geospatial project management. This should be apparent in the processes employed throughout the life cycle of a project.

Learning Objectives

By the end of Lesson 2, you should be able to:

  • describe organizational systems, structures, boundaries, and the roles of users, sponsors, and stakeholders within and outside the organization
  • recognize the phases of a project life cycle, highlighting the unique context of GIS projects
  • describe the five project management process groups and how each occurs within each project phase
  • understand the role and approach for managing project-related procurement of products and services
  • appreciate the role of procurement for products and services in the context of GIS projects

See the checklist page for readings, quiz, and assignment work in this Lesson.


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