L2.12: Discussion


In this week's discussion, I'm focusing on the craft of making sense of patterns. This involves techne which is acquired largely by experience. It is knowledge allowing the use of data in a given situation and an understanding of people, things, events, situations, and the ability to apply perception, and judgment.

You might not have had the knowledge, experience, or understanding to correctly answer the practice questions in L2.11. This was intentional and to make the point that knowledge and experience are necessary. Let's now examine a pattern with which you have some background knowledge. Figure 2.14 is a map of the students in this MOOC. You can click on the map to open the ArcGIS Online student location webmap. Post a short paragraph to the Lesson 2 Discussion Forum explaining:

  1. The pattern of students participating in the course. Be sure to answer how and why the pattern occurred.
  2. How your knowledge of the data collection process and your understanding of other students in the MOOC allowed you to make a more informed judgment as to the causes of the pattern. You might consider reviewing the Lesson 1 Discussion Forum to get a sense if individuals were deceptive in where they placed the point.
ArcGIS Online map showing student location pins.
Figure 2.14: ArcGIS Online webmap showing student location pins.

The ArcGIS Online capabilities used here were developed by Joseph Kerski, Esri Education Manager.