L3.12: Summary


This lesson introduced high-level GEOINT data source and collection strategies. The major focus of this lesson is that GEOINT source and collection strategies are about getting enough information to answer an intelligence question. We explored how GEOINT data is collected from a variety of sources using various collection strategies, none of which at a conceptual level are unique to GEOINT. Sources are the means or systems used to observe and record data. The collection strategy is an overarching approach to data collection. Discontinuous collection is defined as not collecting a full record of activity during a time period. Persistent collection was introduced as a strategy that emphasizes the ability to linger for a period of time to detect, locate, characterize, identify, track, target, and possibly provide near- or real-time data. We explored how GEOINT data can be collected openly and covertly. Data collected openly and maintained transparently is considered open source. Data collected covertly and maintained in secret is considered closed source. We discussed how closed source data is not unique to GEOINT.


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