L4.09: Summary


This lesson demonstrated the concepts of tradecraft and focused on the art of intelligence analysis aided by technology. Tradecraft was defined as the "knowledge work" of the GEOINT professional. It is the work that produces geospatial intelligence. Tradecraft consists of the principles, tools, and standards of rigor for an analyst's thinking. Unique from other forms of geographic analysis, the GEOINT tradecraft may be required to operate in secrecy and contend with deliberately deceptive information. This tradecraft is a merging of the conventional notion of an intelligence tradecraft with the advances in geographic information science and technologies (GIS&T). Geospatial sensemaking creates the objective connection between a geospatial problem representation and geospatial evidence. Here one set of activities—information foraging—focuses on finding information, while another set of activities—sensemaking—focuses on giving meaning to the information.


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