L5.05: Discussion


Where would you open the next Ebola Treatment Unit?

For our final week's discussion, I want to focus on your geospatial analysis using the technique of Analysis of Competing Hypothesis (ACH). Separate from submitting your analysis for the peer assessment activity, this is your chance to share your work with the class and receive feedback. Here's what to do:

  • Post a description of how you developed geospatial evidence to support the ACH.
  • Comment on how you applied the ACH process.
  • Find and comment on an analysis that you think does a great job. Describe what you liked, as well as what you did not like.

Go to the dedicated Lesson 5 Discussion Forum to talk about these issues.

Discussion Grading

Participation in discussions is worth 10% of your overall grade in the class. To earn the full 10%, you need to make a total of 10 original posts or comments by the end of the class. If I were you, I'd shoot for posting twice each week. Read the Grading Policy page for more details.

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