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Phase Relations in Reservoir Engineering

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Answer the following problems, and submit your answers to the drop box in Canvas that has been created for this module.

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Problem Set

  1. In the older literature, “Ki” were referred to as the “equilibrium constants.” Now, they are called the “equilibrium ratios.” Why should that make a difference?

  2. In the analysis of the Rachford-Rice Objective Function, we assumed that there was only one unknown: the gas molar fraction (αg). It this strictly true?

  3. Warren and Adewumi (1992) derived the following analytical expression for flash calculations for a binary mixture:
    α g =[ z 1 K 2 1 + z 2 K 1 1 ] This equation is not rendering properly due to an incompatible browser. See Technical Requirements in the Orientation for a list of compatible browsers. Please demonstrate that this expression is true.