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Phase Relations in Reservoir Engineering

Action Item


Answer the following problems, and submit your answers to the drop box in Canvas that has been created for this module.

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Problem Set

  1. If a gas is ideal, would its compressibility factor (Z) be always equal to one?

  2. For a gas with Z=1, would its behavior be ideal?

  3. Take a look at the Standing-Katz Compressibility Factor Plot for Natural Gases. What is the information you need to obtain a value of “Z” for a gas? What happens to “Z” at low pressures? What is the behavior of “Z” at high pressures? What is the compressibility factor of Methane (Pc = 666 psia, Tc = – 117 F) at P = 1000 psia and T = 0 F?
  4. As pressure approaches to zero, what should vdW EOS collapse to? Why? Can you show it?
  5. Speculate on how you could calculate the “Z” factor for a gas using vdW EOS.