PNG 520
Phase Relations in Reservoir Engineering

Welcome to PNG 520


Welcome — I'm glad you are here! Think of this as your first day of "class" in a new course. We are going to spend some time learning a little more about our course topic, becoming familiar with our course environment, and getting to know each other.

You may find that this educational environment takes more initiative than traditional face-to-face instruction. This is a "paced" course, which means that there is an established start and end date and that you will interact with other students throughout the course. To keep on top of things, you will need to pay close attention to the course schedule that is listed on our syllabus in Canvas. Throughout the course, plan on communicating with me and the other students in the class on a regular basis.

As described on our syllabus, the course materials consist of a textbook and a required course Web site that contains the on-line "lectures" and communications tools, such as message boards and an e-mail system.

The course is 15 weeks in length, including an "Orientation Week" that comprises Week 1. This course has 21 modules of study ("lessons"). As a class, we will work through these modules together at a rate of approximately two modules per week. Within each module you will find on-line lecture materials, as well as both individual and group activities.

Action Item: Before we proceed any further, please be sure you reviewed all of the orientation materials, including those located in Canvas.


If you have questions at any time during this lesson, please feel free to post them to the Course Introduction Discussion Forum. (Click on the Home tab in Canvas to access our course discussion forums.)