AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Getting To Know You


Now that you've had a chance to learn about the course and the online learning environment, I'd like to get to know you...and help you get to know each other! We'll be working collaboratively throughout the semester, and it's nice to put a face to an e-mail address. In Canvas Discussions, you are not limited to just text. In fact, you're encouraged to augment your posts with appropriately related video, graphics, and other enriching material to add interest to your work.

Getting to Know You
Task Instructions
Introduce yourself and meet the rest of the class!

We will use a discussion forum in Canvas to post and read self-introductions. To access the discussion forum:

  • Go to Canvas
  • Click on the link to the Course Orientation - Personal Introductions Discussion Forum
  • Reply to the prompt by answering the questions below (you may type your response or embed an audio or video recording using the tools in Canvas):
    • Tell us who you are and what you do and speak a bit about your interest in this course and the RESS program. In addition to introducing yourself, talk a little bit about how you envision the next energy transition taking shape.
  • If you do a typed or audio response, please embed a picture (hopefully, it's a picture of you, but if you'd rather share a picture of your favorite place or a pet, that's fine too - you're entitled to some online privacy).
  • Post Reply.
Start a conversation. View other students' postings to learn more about them! Chime in and welcome them to the class! Find someone you have something in common with, or better yet, someone you don't!